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Some dentists seek out consulting or coaching simply when a practice is in trouble or decline. However, there are also many dentists that use a coach in order to fine-tune their business, customer service, or break through to a new level of productivity, efficiency!

Even the best, no matter what their field, continue to use coaches to help polish their skills, progress beyond their current performance, or introduce new techniques and motivation. This concept is common and very successful in dentistry as well.

Every practice has potential that can be harnessed to not only improve production and collection levels, but enhance the service patients receive, the communication and teamwork in the office, or build upon the day to day systems that are necessary for operating a smooth successful practice.

Clifton & Associates, Inc. is Southern California's premier in-office dental coaching firm exclusively for general & specialty dental practices. Because of the frequency and duration of our in-office training programs, we provide service primarily in this geographic area. Our in-office coaching programs have helped hundreds of practices. With increases from 15% to 300%, our clients average an increase of approximately 45%, yielding a return on the investment that exceeds 300%!

No other coaching program offers the frequency and duration of in-office training and follow up that we provide.

We're local and come to your office regularly. The level of service, training and follow up you will receive is unparalleled.

Our history of clients and their results speak for themselves. References of similar practices are always available for prospective clients.

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Common Areas of Training Include:

Administrative: Business Plan Development, Office Policy Manual Development, Mission & Vision Statement Development, Budget Development, Overhead Analysis and Cost Control, Managing Reduced Fee Plans

Personnel: Appropriate Staffing Levels & Positions for Your Office, Associate Dentists & Specialists in the Practice, Interviewing & Hiring Techniques, Development of Job Descriptions, Performance Reviews, Compensation: Competitive Wages, Benefits, and Bonus Programs, Progressive Discipline / Termination, Team Building, Personality Style Analysis

Team Communication & Leadership: Goal Setting & Statistical Measurement Systems, Team Meetings, Huddle Meetings, Performance Reviews

Front Office Systems:

  • Financial Management: Financial Policy Development, Financial Arrangements, Over-the-counter Collections, Accounts Receivable Management, Collections
  • Others: Strategies, Scheduling, Techniques for Dealing with Failed & Broken Appointments, Recall, Reactivation & Uncompleted Restorative Treatment Systems Customer Service Training, Telephone Skills, Verbal Skills Training, Treatment Presentation Training, Financial Presentation Training

Patient Flow & Education: Creating Your New Patient Experience, Treatment Presentation Skills Training, Team Patient Education: Effective Interviews, Hand-off's and Flow, Patient Education Skills Training. Dental Photography, Improving Treatment Acceptance, Soft Tissue Management

Marketing: Internal, Promotional, External

Practice of the year 2014

Practice of the Year 2014
Sam Saadat, DDS
I was 6 months into purchasing my new practice and as a new practice owner I was lost and didn't know what to expect. One of my colleagues recommended using Clifton & Associates in order to get some professional coaching and establish systems in my practice. My first interaction with Scott was impressive. He knew so much about this field that I was intrigued by his knowledge. I decided to hire Scott to coach me and my team so we could become a better dental office. Since then I have noticed a 30% increase in my production, that is still maintained today. The office is extremely organized and efficient. My patients have noticed the improvements and this has brought even more patients to my practice. It was the best money spent and I highly recommend him!

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